CAN’T LET YOU GO [Lost Girls Records]
Single Release: 21.01.2022
ISRC: DEZC62145353

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Garage/Surf-Rockers Ghost Pony prove what they do best with their new single “Can’t Let You Go” and cover the listeners with the warm blanket that is nostalgia once again. The song is reminiscent of the Golden 60’s teenybopper era and a deep respectful bow to one of its most famous icons, the Shangri-Las. Singer Julia Beresikowa slips into the role of a young girl torn between her parents’ wise words and the consuming crush she holds for the Leader-Of-The-Pack-kind of guy. All that is freshen up by the specific guitar sound the Berlin Band is known for in addition to fast-paced, western-y marching drum sections that give “Can’t Let You Go” an unique twist.


© Petra Valdimarsdóttir